The house I grew up in has a cottage in the backyard.  I moved into the cottage in 2017, doing a large renovation on the entire home.  This house is my canvas to experiment, and is never done.  The bedroom shows my love of natural materials, antiques and warmth. 

This condo in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is the perfect family vacation spot for skiing in the Winter or hiking in the Summer.  This top floor bedroom and loft was the ideal spot for a cozy sleeping area and children's hideaway.  I would have loved playing in this spot as a child, surrounded by adorable creatures.   

I began to dip my toes in design by refurbishing furniture.  I love finding something old and forgotten, and giving it a new lease on life.  Using vintage pieces of furniture in design is something I strongly believe in; it is not only green, but it adds character and life to a home.